Teaching children how to help others in need is an ongoing goal in our families, and UNICEF’s Kid Power Bands provide a fun and philanthropic way to spread that message. Like a more educational and interactive form of Fitbit, the bands encourage kids to move and exercise with a loftier goal than simply fitness: the more kids move and the more points they earn through the companion Kid Power app, the more meals get “unlocked” to be given as packets of therapeutic food to children in need around the globe. With one in four American kids considered inactive and one in four children worldwide suffering from malnutrition, these power bands are a simple and logical way to work on fixing two problems at once! For every 2,500 steps a child takes, he or she earns one Kid Power Point. Five points will unlock one packet of food.

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If helping others isn’t quite enough of an incentive to get your little ones moving, the Kid Power app will light their fitness fire. The app takes families around the world, completing “missions” and learning about a variety of cultures all the while. Through the help of corporate sponsors, parents, and fans of the project, the points that the children earn by being active and undertaking the missions get converted into funding for the lifesaving food packets that get distributed to one of the 190 countries and territories in which UNICEF works. Ten dollars of the sale of the bands, which are sold at Target and at Target.com, go towards the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. The bands come in bright blue or orange or, and for Star Wars fans, white or black with the words “Force for Change.” Stay tuned as well for a Kid Power school-based opportunity, coming next year.

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