Plant-Me Pets are squeaky vegetable friends containing veggie seeds that can be planted into the ground to turn into plants! Their funny shapes, bright colors, and slightly alien veggie look will delight the tiny gardener in your world this holiday season. When playtime ends, these little guys can be plunged head first into the nearest garden plot, or garden pot, and they will eventually grow into a yummy melon, tomato, or pumpkin!

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With vegetable seeds for eyes, Plant-Me Pets are absolutely one of the most unique gifts around. Designed by Marti Guixé, each Plant-Me Pet (Melon, Pumpkin, or Tomato) is handmade in Spain with bio-degradable latex and packaged in a reusable cardboard tube.

$22.50 Plant-Me Pets in tomato, melon, or pumpkin

+ Unica