Having grown up in a third world country, I distinctly remember repurposing empty milk boxes to make the cubed ‘balls’ we would use for games such as dandy-shandy (dodge-ball), handball (baseball with your hand serving as the bat) and scrimmage (mini-soccer). Unplug Design’s ‘Dream Ball’ takes me back to that place and time with its clever thought of upcycling specially designed UN/Red Cross food aid packaging and converting it into balls of variegated sizes.

As the Unplug Design website states: The children in countries such as Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Congo (none of which I grew up in) are “so poor that they can not buy a football [soccer ball]. So, they play football [soccer] with the ball made of plastic bag or a coconut palm leaves.” The solution as proposed by the designers is food aid packaging that, once emptied of its valuable contents, can be cut along illustrated lines and shaped into handballs, baseballs or soccer balls.

With its three intended positive effects (aid volunteer/recipient interaction, promotion of recycling, the ball as a product), the Unplug UN/Red Cross soccer ball packaging is still just a concept, but it’s definitely one that scores.

+Unplug Design

via Dezeen