unreal, unreal candy, un41UNREAL doesn’t think that candy is healthy and on their website they even compare the nutrition of their candy to fruit. But they know that everyone enjoys a delicious treat every now and then. They have now given consumers better choices in the candy category without sacrificing the taste that people have grown to love. All of their candy has less calories, sugar and fat, and it has more fiber and protein than their original junked counterparts.

UNREAL comes in 5 different candy varieties, UN 54 (Peanut M&M’s), UN 41 (M&M’s), UN 5 (Milky Way), UN 8 (Snickers), and UN 77 (Reese’s). I have tried them all and I must say that they are amazing. They don’t taste like health food and truly resemble the real junked candy.

I love that the UN 54 and UN 41 are colored with beets, turmeric, and cabbage instead of synthetic dyes. The best part is that you can’t taste the coloring. And yes, they do still melt in your mouth. My personal favorites are the UN 8 and UN 77. They actually taste better than a regular Snickers and Reese’s. Go figure since they include real food ingredients!

This month UNREAL will hit shelves at CVS and Michaels. Over the next several months they will be in Target, Rite Aid, Staples, Kroger, FredMyer, BJ’s, Walgreens, Ralphs and Food for Less.