With summer right around the corner, your family is bound to start accumulating an onslaught of T-shirts from summer camp, sports games and volunteering events. Even if you try to avoid freebie Tees, you’re still stuck with a pile of T-shirts your kids have outgrown. Here’s a crafty tip: Project Repat transforms your pile of obsolete Tees into awesome T-shirt blankets that are perfect for park and picnic season. You get to preserve all the memories intertwined in the clothing while supporting textile jobs in the USA.

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Project Repat was started by Ross Lohr and Nathan Rothstein in 2012 when Lohr was in East Africa and saw a Kenyan man wearing a T-shirt that read, “I danced my ass off at Josh’s bar mitzvah.” Many times when we give clothes away to our local donation organization, the clothes actually end up overseas. Lohr and Rothstein saw this as an opportunity to bring jobs back to the states by creating a product that consumers can keep to cherish the memories behind their T-shirts in a patchwork blanket, instead of throwing them away.

Want in? Project Repat will send you a pre-paid envelope that can fit up to 30 T-shirts. They can make blankets for baby strollers (20 baby T-shirts or onesies for an 8″x8″ square) up to a king-sized (64 T-shirts for an 8’x8′ square) bed. Blankets can be made double-sided with T-shirts on both the front and back, or with a fleece back. Project Repat’s fleece is made in the USA and is either second-hand or made from recycled materials.

All of the company’s products are manufactured in Roxbury, MA where they’re located. Project Repat produces their blankets with three local companies that pay their employees a fair wage and provide them with a healthy working environment. They’ve recently partnered with 99Degrees Custom Manufacturing, a new local women-led company. Founder, Brenna Nan Schneider, hopes to inspire the next Industrial Revolution and secure more textile jobs in the USA. Project Repat has launched on Kickstarter to help 99Degrees hit the ground running by offering new products, such as baby onesies, totes, ties and laptop cases, as rewards if they meet their goal of $15,000. They’ve got less than a month to hit the jackpot — pledge and help them today!

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