If you’re a bibliophile like me, you may have fallen asleep amidst a pile of your favorite books as a youngster too. I would have loved nestling into the Uroko House book igloo with all of my treasured fairy tales. Dreamed up by Point Architects, the cozy enclosure that surrounds a child’s bed is also a storage-filled bookshelf. Now your little ones can nod off to dreamland surrounded by their beloved bedtime stories.

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The curving bookshelves are made of light wood; and since the shelves are backless, kids don’t need to exit the enclosure to access their books. They can simply reach over and grab them from the inside of the igloo. The shingly roof is made of simple flaps of felt.

Point does not specify whether or not there are any eco-elements to the Uroko House, but it certainly is great inspiration for a weekend warrior parent with some scrap lumber or unwanted pieces of furniture that need repurposing. Tucked into such a structure, little bookworms will never forget their childhood dreams.

+ Point Tokyo