Ahhhh, childbirth. There’s really nothing that can explain the experience. But cutting into one of these vagina cakes at her baby shower will certainly give a mom-to-be a frightening glimpse of what’s in store for her. Because nothing says “I love you” like a grotesquely realistic cake rendering of a smiling blood-covered baby bursting through your nether region with glee. The clever culinary concoctions will either make you laugh or will haunt your dreams, but one thing’s for sure, they all take the cake when it comes to a showstopping dessert. Kudos to the bakers who spent this much time crafting a woman’s genitals bringing forth life using strategic ingredients like chocolate sprinkles, strawberry glaze and fearless applications of frosting and fondant. Head over to Mommyish to behold 10 Vagina Cakes for Your Baby Showers That Are Disturbing and Awesome.

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Image via Cake Wrecks.com