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The Venezuelan government might soon be banning baby bottles in an effort to encourage breastfeeding and to keep infants off of formula. Shocking though it may seem, the proposed legislation would prohibit the use of all types of baby bottles as a way to improve childrens’ health and encourage the close bond between mom and baby. “We want to increase the love (between mother and child) because this has been lost as a result of these transnational companies selling formula,” legislator Odalis Monzon of the Venezuelan Socialist Party said on state television on Thursday as reported by Reuters. Monzon also mentioned that the Law for the Promotion and Support for Breastfeeding, passed in 2007, did not establish any sanctions for using formula.

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Exceptions to the proposed law will be outlined by the Health Ministry and offer plausible flexibility in the event of a mother’s death or an inability to produce enough breast milk for proper nourishment of her child.

More breast milk banks would also be rendered throughout the country as well as requirements for companies to set aside space for mothers to nurse. Also included in the proposal to ban bottle-feeding, the legislation calls for revisions to Venezuela’s Law of Promotion and Protection of Breastfeeding which would include plans to penalize advertisers of baby formula. It has not yet been made clear what punishment bottle-feeders would face if “caught in the act.”

What say you moms? Do you commend the efforts to ban baby bottles or do you scoff at the interference of government on personal parenting choices?