A few months ago, we were among the first to report on the unveiling of the new Star Wars BB-8 droid toy by Sphero, which was expected to be available in time for the holidays (and the new Star Wars film release). Christmas, Hanukkah, and any other celebrated winter holiday definitely came early this year: the BB-8 is now available for pre-order with an expected October delivery date. Unsurprisingly, it’s awesome, although family pets may be a little put off by this autonomous, bleep-making, rolling droid. Read on for all the cool things you… errr, we mean, your kids… can do with this technologically advanced yet endearing companion from a galaxy far, far away.

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BB-8 is app-enabled and can follow routes that you design on your smartphone or tablet and can maneuver around obstacles with you controlling him (like a very futuristic remote control car). BB-8 responds to voice commands such as “Go to sleep” or “Look around” and will run away and hide if told “It’s a trap!”, all the while emitting adorable sounds. Using adaptive technology, BB-8 is able to react to the way you are playing and it can even display certain emotions.

For those who want a full-range of flashiness from their toys, you can record and send holographic messages with BB-8!  In “patrol” mode, BB-8 can explore on his own, although you should keep an eye on the little guy since he can wander up to 30 meters away. This little droid works using gyroscopic propulsion and internal magnets, so the “head” stays on while the body rolls around… and around… and around (and fairly quickly at that). Even the droid’s inductive charging station looks cool! BB-8 is just the right size to fit into little hands (in the video, he looks slightly smaller than an orange), which means he’s small enough for tots to consider BB-8 the perfect pocket-sized, portable, exploring companion.

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+ BB-8 by Sphero droid $149.99

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