WARNING: the video above includes explicit content.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Australian performance artist Casey Jenkins, a self-proclaimed “craftivist,” or one who uses “traditional craft techniques for a political or social activism purpose,” just spent 28 days, the equivalent of a woman’s full cycle, knitting a textile using skeins of wool she inserted into her vagina every day. She even knit during her menstrual cycle. Through this performance art, which Jenkins has entitled “Casting Off My Womb,” the artist hopes to make people “question the fears and the negative associations they have with the vulva.” She says that the act of knitting from her vagina feels “natural and uneventful” and she hopes her performance will remove the stigma surrounding the vulva so people will instead view the body part as “nothing shocking or scary.” Jenkins also adds that the piece for her is about “assessing and I guess being intimate with my own body, I want to I guess not just walk off and become a parent like some cultural lemming, I want to make an informed decision.”

+ Casting Off My Womb

via I Am Not the Babysitter