Halloween revelers… rev up your knitting needles! Even though the Great Pumpkin is due to rise up from his pumpkin patch in a couple of weeks, you still have time to whip up a homemade costume with only a pair of sticks and some yarn. Grab a copy of Wacky Baby Knits by Alison Jenkins for 20 knitted designs that can double as Halloween costumes for tots—as well as cute and cozy winter apparel all season long.

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While you might have to table some of Wacky Baby Knits’ more elaborate getups (like the full-body frog suit) for next Halloween, most of Alison Jenkins’ costumey knits can be churned out in a matter of days, if not hours. A cupcake hat or Elvis wig requires little further embellishment, while a pair of monster boots and mitts will add both scare and flair to any footed romper. Craving a challenge? There’s always the cow suit.

+ Wacky Baby Knits by Alison Jenkins $16.95