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Of course all dolls need a home base, and the Shroompers woodland home fills this need perfectly. This is a home built to¬†invigorate your child’s imagination. The stylish and creative Waldorf dollhouse is entirely handmade with natural antibacterial wool felt. The abode is stuffed firmly — so it’s flexible but keeps its shape. It also comes complete with a little yard (play mat). The Shroompers and their dwelling are hand-stitched with cotton thread, 100% wool felt and 100% wool filling. Details are glued on with non-toxic glue. Either the dolls alone, or the complete set of dolls and their playhouse make the perfect naturally creative holiday or birthday gift for any child.

+ Shroompers Dolls $25.00-$32.00

+ Waldorf stuffed DollHouse $200.00

+ Shroompers