We’ve seen many wonderful rocking toys here at Inhabitots, such as the modern and sleek Constantin Rocker and the beautiful Maine Dory Rocking Boat. However, what about an awesome rocking toy that actually helps your child develop a sense of balance which is thought to be a critical component in brain development and learning? Yes, there’s a rocking toy just like that! The Waldorf Wooden Rocker Board, available at the newly expanded Bella Luna Toys, is beautifully hand crafted in the USA with nine layers of poplar plywood. Crafted to a precise curve and sanded smooth this toy offers limitless open-ended play value. Keep reading to see a video of this rocking board in action.

Not just a rocking toy, this sleek and curvy board can be used by a child as balance board, see-saw, balance beam, bridge, slide or rocking cradle. Plus this toy is ultra social. A pair of rocking boards plus two active kids can double the fun. Four rocking boards together form a child community circle, pretend structures or a cute cozy nest when filled with small pillows. Each board is available in Natural, Maple or Walnut and embossed with a beautiful sunburst logo in your choice of color: Red, Yellow, Green or Blue. Ages 3 and up.

+ Waldorf Wooden Rocker Board $114.95

+ Bella Luna Toys