Have you ever wondered how crafters make those wonderfully cute wool felt balls? For example, like the adorable wool felt baby balls by Asher Jasper or the cute little bunnies seen here. Well, wonder no more. Now you can learn how to create your very own 100% cute wool ball animals with the nifty Waldorf Wool Ball Kit. Felted wool animal balls are great fun to make, help you expand your creative side and make excellent gifts. Plus, wool felt is a safe material for even young children. Keep reading to learn more about this hedgehog style learning kit.

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This cool craft kit will help you learn how to create one standard sized ball (tennis ball sized) or two mini balls. Each kit comes with enough wool fiber for making the ball(s) and embellishing your critter (Hedgehog kit includes fiber for a bow, should you want to make a girl hedgie), two x size 38 felting needles, full color printed instructions and the kit includes online support and help that’s just an email away. In total, you’ll learn how to wet felt by hand and/or washing machine and pick up some needlefelting basics. You’ll also learn how to choose supplies for your next felting project. Once your project is complete, the finished balls are suitable for play at any age (or even as dryer balls!). This kit is best for adults and kids who are age 8 or older. Felting needles are extremely sharp, but in my experience, even younger kids can handle wool felting and really enjoy it, so long as they have adult help and supervision.

+ Waldorf Hedgehog Wool Ball Kit $12.50

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