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No stranger to creating incredible room-sized installations, Oliveira’s Transarquitetônica  also repurposes thousands of random pieces of disused wood, to create an organic, nature-like experiential artwork. The piece is like a network of tunnels, which visitors are welcome to walk through and explore, both inside and out. The tunnels are compared to the root system of a tree, throwing off visitors’ perspective as they look around the cavernous space.

Taking over a main gallery of the museum, the installation was started with a skeletal framework of  curved wires, held together with plastic zip ties. Once the tunnel structure was created, Oliveira used the repurposed wooden slabs to cover the interior, creating curved walls that vary slightly in shape and texture, depending on the wood scraps used. The exterior was covered with a skin of the soft wood, making the interior and exterior uniform.

The winding tunnels can be explored at the museum until the end of November, 2014.

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+ Museu de Arte Contemporanea da Universidade in Sao Paulo

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