Thoughtful wall decor displayed in your little one’s room engages his senses and helps create a special space that’s all his own. Puddles, designed by the multi-talented Tord Boontje of Studio Tord Boontje, are a compelling, unique, eco- and kid-friendly wall decor option. Puddles are self-adhesive decorative surface tiles cut from mirror-polished stainless steel. They are available in  many nature inspired designs including a fluttering butterfly or dragonfly, flowers, a bunny, hummingbirds, and more — that allow you to easily transform the nursery or playroom walls, floors, and even ceilings into a shiny, reflective dreamscape for your child. Best of all, these dreamy Puddles are perfectly affordable, starting at just $11 per piece!

+ Puddles $11-$32

+ Studio Tord Boontje