The Canadian non-profit started Ward+ Robes as a way to inject some hope into frequent hospital visits by young patients diagnosed with serious illnesses. Having to spend childhood and teen years in a hospital is depressing for young patients, with sterile-looking hospital gowns being a constant reminder of their illness — while making each patient look the same.

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Ward + Robes helps sick kids feel special, by allowing them to express themselves through clothes. By being able to choose what they want to wear, kids and teens in the pilot program were more confident and happy while enduring their treatment.

Thus far, Ward+Robes has introduced their fun line in one hospital in Ontario, and will soon spread to 130 more across Canada. They hope that the innovative hospital gowns with the motto: “You’re unique, why should your gown be any different,” will one day help to empower teens across the globe, in a setting where they don’t have any.

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