Soaking socks plus chilly ankles do not equal a fun time. Especially when those wet feet belong to a pint-sized, snowbound adventurer. Patagonia, a company with unquestionable environmental ethics, offers boots for kids that serve to snuggly wrap eco-friendly feet in sustainable materials that stay warm even in freezing temperatures.

The Patagonia kidsā€™ Tadpole boot is every bit as rugged as it looks. The shoe features ā€œa waterproof suede-and-canvas upper to stop snow and slush without the weight and bulk of winter boots, and with a much greener footprint.ā€ Outfitted in a Tadpole made of recycled rubber, EVA foam (15% recycled) and nylon (for shank support), neither rain, snow, sleet, nor hail shall keep your child from forging ahead on wintry trails.

With the ā€œideal usesā€ of ā€œHiking with Friends, Family Camping Trips, and Playground Pile-upsā€ the Tadpole is available at Patagonia for $70.00.

While at the Patagonia website, take time to review their timely ā€˜Vote the Environmentā€™ page, featuring a letter to President-elect Obama. Patagonia encourages individuals to see the connection between political action and environmental activism.