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Inhabitots: What was the inspiration behind your idea to photograph Barbie giving birth at home? Why did you choose Barbie as your model?

Katie Moore: It is my duty as a human being who cares about the future of birth to spread the word of Evidence Based Maternity Care. That is why I chose Barbie. Barbie is a strong woman. No matter what your opinion of her is, you cannot deny that she has done it all. In this day and age, I believe that Barbie would have educated herself on her birth options. This is what women today need to do. Whether a home birth or hospital birth, women need to start taking control of their own health and birth experience.

Inhabitots: Do you specialize in photographing home births?

Katie Moore: I do not specialize in home birth. I specialize in documenting every woman’s unique way of birthing. Every woman is different, and every woman will need different things during her birth process. Preserving the memories of birth in a positive way is important for not only the mother and father, but for the child. They can see how much they were wanted and loved, and cared for, and will be able to look at birth with a positive outlook no matter how they entered this world. That is my desire. Birth is not a disease. Birth is a process — a spiritual movement of change.

We chose several of our favorite images from the extensive collection of photos of Barbie’s home birth. Click here to view the pictorial in its entirety.

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