Strollers, like cars, come in a variety of styles, from basic to totally tricked out and living large. The GB Pockit stroller takes pride in its pint size. It’s literally the smallest stroller in the world! Within two seconds, the stroller folds from a basic shape into a compact package the size of a handbag. Deemed the record breaker for the world’s smallest folding stroller by the Guinness Book of World Records, this stroller is still completely safe and useful with a five-point harness, front wheels that can be locked for rough roads, and even a fair amount of storage space beneath the seat. The GB Pockit was designed for city living, and we agree that it would be the ideal stroller to stow away in a tiny apartment or living area where extra space is scarce; the stroller transforms into a 14 inch by 12 inch by 7 inch box. We’re even more excited about GB Pockit’s on-the-go possibilities since it will fit into an overhead luggage space, in the back of a small car, even under a table while eating at a restaurant — not to mention how much its small size would come in handy when using public transportation. The 9 pound stroller, available in 2016, is suitable for babies six months and up and will hold up to 55 pounds of kid-weight.

+ GB Child USA

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