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Wean Green containers are made out of scratch, stain, and odor resistant tempered glass with polypropylene plastic lids that are BPA, phthalate and PVC free. The watertight lids have a silicone airtight seal that snaps closed. So if you pack liquid in the cubes, there will be no worries about them leaking! Wean Green storage containers can go in the freezer or microwave (without the lids), and they are dishwasher safe.

We aim for a zero waste lunch, and Wean Cubes are super easy for my 5 year-old to open and close on her own. I love that I can pack applesauce or veggie dips in them, knowing they won’t leak into her lunch bag. Additionally, since they are airtight, I also don’t have to worry about food getting stale or hardening.

My main concern with the lunch set was that the glass would break in my daughter’s lunch box, or that she would drop the container in the lunch room. So, we tested dropping the cubes and they passed with flying colors! I later found out that tempered glass is 4-5 times stronger than regular glass. So I feel safe letting her tote Wean Green’s Back 2 School lunch set to and from school.

Wean Green Back 2 School sets are available in four fun vibrant colors: Blueberry, Carrot, Pea, and Raspberry.

+ Back 2 School Set $16.99

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