Breastfeeding moms are certainly going to be happy campers now that they can discreetly feed their little ones in the great outdoors (or amongst the highly judgmental public) with Colemom’s wearable breastfeeding tent! Forget nursing baby in a bathroom stall, and rest assured you’ll no longer get any dirty looks or uncomfortable glances thanks to this new gear.  You can set up this handy, must-have accessory in about one minute depending on your dexterity (so screaming babies needn’t wait long before their meal is served). The tent is also fireproof, safely ventilated and leak resist-ish.

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The Colemom 1.5 Person tent also comes in varying skin tone shades for a variety of mamas and features a flattering and stylish teal colored T-shirt on the outside, so your totally natural and beautiful choice to breastfeed your baby will be entirely camouflaged. There’s no need to worry about nip-slips or your child pulling an apron-like nursing cover off his head to expose your breasts — because goodness knows no one wants to see boobs being used for their intended purpose! This innovative tent is available anywhere camping equipment is sold.

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