Our kids climb all over us all day long: while waiting to pick up big brother at school, in line at the grocery store, even at the park despite there being loads of available play equipment. The moral of this story: you may want to go ahead and invest in AthleTitti, a rope vest created by a Japanese student graduating from Tokyo’s Tama Art University that takes the concept of “active parenting” to a whole new level. The vest, which looks like some type of odd hybrid between a corset and a ropes course, allows kiddos to climb on, get a grip, and keep crawling all over you without pulling a hole in your favorite shirt or (raise your hand if this has happened to you) grabbing your ponytail for leverage. All kidding aside, we think this rope vest is genius for kids who constantly need to be moving around, rainy or snowy days when tots still need to fulfill their quota of activity, or even enticing independent and adventurous tots to stay close by.

+ AthleTitti wearable jungle gym vest

via Toyland