Wee Can Too first brought us sweet edible vegan sidewalk chalk and now they’ve taken vegetables (and art) to a whole new level with their creative Edible Veggie Crayons. While not intended as a yummy snack, these cute little dollops of crayons are safe to eat, made with entirely edible ingredients like organic fruit and vegetable powders. Your child can stack these little discs, plus color with them, and you won’t have to worry if they end up in someone’s mouth because there is zero petroleum, wheat, sugar, preservatives or other toxic additives in these crayons. Also, each edible crayon is the perfect shape and size for even the youngest artist (baby-safe if supervised). Crayons come in five pretty organic colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red/Pink & Purple.

+ Edible Veggie Crayons $11.00

+ Wee Can Too