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Not your ordinary bib, this stylish spin on the drool- and food- catcher is set apart by the fact that it looks like an actual designer baby Tee in and of itself — every bit as cute as the clothing that’s playing second fiddle beneath it. And even though they are referred to as “T” bibs, they feel more like a lightweight, super soft sweatshirt than a tee — making them highly absorbent and comfortable for tiny wearers.

Locally made in Southern California and comprised of a blend of 30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo viscose fleece, Wee Drool’s T-bibs come in several adorable styles for boys and girls, each of which incorporates the recycling symbol to plant the seeds of eco-consciousness — from guitars and butterflies and blossoms to bicycles and robots. Graphics are printed with durable, lead-free, phthalate free inks, and increasing their longevity, each bib features a 3-way adjustable snap that grows with your child from the baby through the toddler stage. They also boast a high neckline to keep moisture at bay, and to keep drool from seeping into baby’s neck folds! T-bibs are recommended for children ages 3 months to 2 years.

*On a personal note, my son, now 20 months old, has never been happy wearing a bib. He manages to shimmy his way out of or tear off and throw down every variety of bib I have ever bought him, in total protest. However, since I can unsuspectingly slip his arms into Wee Drool’s comfortable T-bib and securely fasten the snap, he thinks he’s wearing a cool shirt instead of a bib, and he doesn’t bother trying to take it off! Success! If only I’d had one sooner!

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