Nothing makes your wee one’s world go round like a captivating and super sleek crib mobile. The Kikkerland Picture Mobile with Wee Gallery Art Cards allows you to curate the very first art exhibit that your baby gazes upon. Repeated animated shapes and bold black and white graphics are ideal for the first few months of baby’s visual stimulation. With these original designs floating overhead, you have an instant, easy-to-assemble way to animate baby’s new nest, as well as an appealing accent for your designer abode.

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The stainless steel Kikkerland Picture Mobile is simple in design and perfect as an armature for Wee Art Card graphics or original designs that you create. I have yet to collage some photo and fabric critters for my twins’ mobiles, but when I do, I will use this simple armature to dangle my designs above their cribs. For now, I love these collectible and interchangeable Wee Gallery Art Cards designed from hand-painted originals. Only five cards are needed to fill the mobile, with two clips needed per card. (To face the cards downwards, it is suggested that you use four clips per card).

Choose from themes like ‘original’, woodland, pets, garden, jungle, dino, sea, and farm sets. Once baby transitions out of the crib, you can use the Kikkerland mobile armature to display photos or kid’s drawings and collages. The Wee Art Cards can also be framed to decorate your child’s playroom and/or bedroom. The eco-friendly ‘reuse’ options are endless with this picture mobile for the floating world.

Wee Gallery Art Cards (one set) retails for $13.95

Kikkerland Picture Mobile retails for $15.00

+ Available at Nest by Swanky with free ‘green’ shipping