This morning green blog Treehugger introduced the newest ‘baby’ to their list of online properties: Weehugger. While we are usually big fans of the original, news-breaking content Treehugger delivers, we’re none too pleased with their blatant copying of the Inhabitots design and the concept for their latest venture!

We do however, fully support the notion in their new Weehugger initiative, to “keep children happy, busy and productive.” Go read all about how putting your children to work, the good old-fashioned way, can make the world a better place, on the homefront and beyond.

If hard labor during the day is not enough to get your kids sleeping like logs at night, be sure to check out our latest Inhabitots discovery: Baby ZZZs. As much as we agree with Weehugger’s philosophy, we have to say that putting children to work was really our original idea, which we think WeeHugger stole from us, along with our logo and site design. Shame on you Weehugger! Find your own defenseless group to exploit!