Ever wonder what you should do with those plastic planter pots you’re left with after adding new flowers to your garden? Wes Bennett came up with a super-creative solution, turning them into clever lampshades covered in chalkboard paint, making them perfect for playrooms or shedding some light on your kid’s art table.

The planter light is designed with a variety of random holes on the shade to let light out and the inside is painted with a reflective silver to maximize its brightness. Bennett outfits each lamp with a 12-foot cord and a 4-watt LED bulb. Of course, the fun part of this lamp is the fact that you and your creative kids can doodle on it with chalk spelling out funny sayings, kids names, or drawing anything your heart desires. You can choose from a black, green or magenta chalkboard painted shade for the base of your artwork.

+ Chalkboard LED Lamp $45.00

+ Wes Bennett