We’ve all been there — you’re out with your tot and a wet cloth diaper happens, spit-up happens, sippy cup spills happen. The end result is always the same – wet baby gear that you need to stuff into your diaper bag or purse. You can carry plastic bags with you, but even if you purchase recycled content plastic baggies it’s still a drain on resources and an ongoing cost. A better option: Wet Happened? bags by Itzy Ritzy, a chic, green alternative to the plastic baggie dilemma.

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Wet Happened? bags are stylish reusable bags that you can store your not so stylish wet baby items in. The bags are made with a 100% cotton designer fabric exterior, a zipper closure, and PVC-free, polyurethane lining. Bags come in a medium size, which hold 4-6 cloth diapers and a large size which holds up to 8 cloth diapers. There are many hip designs and color patterns available. These bags will come in handy even after your baby grows into a toddler and beyond, as you can use them for wet swimwear and clothing affected by potty or other accidents. A long life, chic look, and usefulness galore – Wet Happened? bags really have it in the bag.

+ Wet Happened? medium bag by Itzy Ritzy $17.95

+ Wet Happened? large bag by Itzy Ritzy $21.95

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