The simple art of coloring has continued to prevail as a revered childhood pastime, even in a world where the youngest children seem to be swiping iPads more than gripping a crayon. Coloring as a stress-relieving hobby has skyrocketed in the past year as scores of adults are buying coloring books designed for grown-ups (even causing a worldwide shortage of colored pencils)! We love coloring in our house — it’s an activity that everyone young and old in our family enjoys. With summer break a week away, what could be more fun than starting a family coloring project that also takes you on an imaginative staycation? Pirasta’s “What a Colorful World” Really Big Coloring Poster is our passport to a global journey that we can take together, while each stroke of color will also add a stroke of genius by way of an organic geography lesson!

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The What a Colorful World Poster measures a whopping 63 inches wide and 36 inches high. We love that it’s made in the USA and printed with vegetable ink on recycled content paper. Artist Allison Kerek’s illustrations take those coloring on a whimsical jaunt across every continent. Details include historical landmarks, traditional dress, iconic foods and natural wonders. Wondering what to use to best add hues to the poster? Pencils, markers, crayons, gel pens or paint markers all work great.

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The What a Colorful World Poster also doubles as a wonderful outlet for kids to calm down. I know this summer when my kids act out and sibling rivalry becomes unbearable, this artistic endeavor will serve as a perfect way to avoid a punitive time out — and will be replaced with the likes of “Go color Canada!”

Whether it’s a quiet party of two, a birthday bash, a playdate, or a time to unwind solo, we can’t wait to add some color to this poster and to our world over summer break, and enjoy it long after as a collaborative masterpiece.

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