The Whatchawant children’s stool recently made its debut at the 2009 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, and we were struck by its timeless sensibility. Created by independent, Swedish designers Charlotte Ryberg and Johanna Strand, this unique stool was designed with function, sustainability and style in mind.

Whatchawant encourages children to be active and engage in imaginative play. When children pull the rope, different possibilities and functions are enabled. For example, the rope may be used as handles to grasp, or it may form an animal’s long tail. The bench offers plenty of room for two children to sit and relax side by side while chatting or reading. Children may also sit atop the bench in tandem, riding Indian-style. Whatchawant is made with plywood, and attached is a multifunctional leather covered rope with a tail-tip in solid wood. This enduring piece of children’s furniture is sure to become an instant classic.

+ Whatchawant Children’s Stool

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