Today’s kids are growing increasingly sophisticated, and there’s no reason that the spaces they inhabit shouldn’t reflect the same sentiment. Last weekend this amazing multifunctional play structure system, dubbed ‘Playgoda‘, made its debut  in LA at Dwell on Design. The Playgoda, part of the Modern Family zone at Dwell on Design this year, is a whimsical and charming playhouse, constructed with Finland Birch, a polycarbonate slide and nylon rope. But as unique and distinct as this Playgoda appears, this creation by Gregg Fleishman is certainly not a stand-alone structure – Fleishman has been envisioning and crafting a unique community of flat-pack playhouses for years!

Gregg Fleishman is an architect, designer, artist and inventor who notes that his work is, “Largely informed by geometry and functionality,” something that makes sense when you consider the unique lines of each of his playhouses. In fact, some of the structures Fleishman creates, such as the CUBE seen above, are much more urbane than the typical playhouse and could even be used by adults as a work studio or as a simple garden getaway.

A relatively inexpensive investment, Fleishman’s structures provide an expansive and creative alternative to conventional building, while giving an friendly nod to the environment with their birch and sustainable wood construction. And with flexible detailing that features well-calculated slotted and notched panels, assembly forgoes the need for any screws, nails or bolts – each structure can be put together in very little time with just a bold set of creative hands. Boasting maximum convenience and minimal waste, what a wonderful way to bring joy to both kids and adults!

+ Dwell on Design

+ Gregg Fleishman

renderings © Gregg Fleishman

images © tkluysk