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The photographer told Bored Panda about her experiences getting to know each animal through her camera lens.

Roeselien Raimond photographs an array of adorable animals in the wild, but foxes are her favorite. As she sits poised and waiting for the perfect shot, the small furry creatures reveal individual personalities. Through her photography, Raimond has come across playful foxes, coy ones, shy ones and foxes with little personality — much like the variety of dispositions that occur in humans.

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Normally very shy creatures, Raimond snaps the true personalities of her fox subjects by being patient, and observing them for long periods of time. The animals tend to avoid humans, in fear of being hurt or killed. The longer she sits, the less the animals notice her, and they begin to reveal their normal habits. Because of her patience, her photographs depict the real lives of foxes. In her images, two sunbathing foxes snuggle at sunset, while another sleepily grooms itself. She has also captured the animals jaunting in rain and snow, or swimming gingerly across a pond. The images show how foxes live together, and within the changing seasons of the landscape.

Raimond’s beautiful photography shows a side to foxes other than the hunter that most people have the perception of. Her photographs show animals capable of love and play, much like our pets at home.

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