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Recently, former America’s Next Top Model contestant Lisa D’Amato tweeted a little afterbirth news for her fans, “Prepped my 1st placenta “hers and his” smoothies for my hub and I.” D’Amato then posted a tweet about having a placenta smoothie party with her friends, posting a picture of what appears to be nothing more than some pals enjoying a couple of berry smoothies. It’s not uncommon for a mom to eat her own placenta, though drinking your placenta in smoothie form and sharing it with friends is far less common. Most moms ingest their placenta in pill form and don’t share it with others. This whole event may be a joke, but due to interest in eating placentas, our guess is that this possible joke could turn into a trend. What do you think? Would you drink a placenta smoothie? If this isn’t your speed, perhaps one of these fun placenta activities might be up your alley instead.

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