When coming up with materials to upcycle into new kids’ bikes, old carpets would definitely not be the go-to source in our minds. But Wishbone Design Studio has found an ingenious way to take 100% post-consumer residential recycled carpets, remove the backing, shred the carpet, add strengthening glass fiber, and make them into resin pellets, which can then be molded into a bike frame. The process sounds a little crazy to us, but here’s what you need to know: the end result is an eco-friendly bike that is also super-adjustable and can accommodate kids from age 18 months up to age six!

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Available as either a tricycle or two-wheeler to start, the bike uses a unique seat and frame system that can be quickly and easily resized (for changes big and small). So instead of buying your child multiple bikes as she learns the basics of balancing, Wishbone’s bike can adjust from 23cm -51 cm and is likely the only ride your little cyclist will need. If basic black isn’t your kid’s bag, buy a set of stickers in camouflage, zebra, paisley, or classic “wood.” These stickers can also come in handy if you are passing the bike down from one sibling to another and want to give it a new look. Just imagine their confusion and awe when you tell them that their new bike is made from the same material that is under their feet!

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+ Adjustable Recycled Balance Bike $199.00-229.00

+ Wishbone Design Studio