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Wishbone Mini-Flip is a developmental toy that fosters baby’s growth by encouraging three motor skills that take baby from infancy to being a big kid: sitting upright, standing, and walking. The Mini-Flip has in-line wheels to provide stability when used by burgeoning walkers as a push-toy, and it can easily be flipped (hence the name) to a rocker or a rolling ride-on toy via an innovative flipping mechanism — a process that may be done in seconds and which requires no tools.

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Design-minded, green parents will appreciate that the heirloom-quality Mini-Flip is ethically and sustainably made and comprised of Birch plywood — and that the thoughtful design streamlines play and minimizes clutter, negating the need to purchase multiple toys. Affordably priced at $99, Wishbone’s Mini-Flip certainly tops our wish lists.

+ Wishbone Mini-Flip $99

+ Wishbone Design Studio