We suppose reality TV is good for something… especially on PBS. 12-year-old Max Wallack was awarded $10,000 and a Dell laptop computer for his use of ‘recycled’ materials to create a portable igloo called the ‘Home Dome.’ Wallack’s structure, made of discarded plastic bags filled with Styrofoam packing peanuts won Design Squad’s Trash to Treasure Competition.

About the prize Max says, “I don’t really care about the money. I care about helping people.”  Max elaborates, “When I was six, I won an invention contest that included a trip to Chicago. While there, I saw homeless people living on streets, and beneath highways and underpasses. I felt very sorry for these people, and ever since then, felt that my goal and obligation was to find a way to help them. My invention improves the living conditions for homeless people, refugees, or disaster victims by giving them an easy-to-assemble shelter.”

To call the hexagonal sheets of plastic used in the construction of Max’s prize-winning homeless shelter ‘trash’ is a bit of a stretch, but its flat-pack features, use of minimal materials and obvious Buckminster Fuller inspiration make the ‘Home Dome’ a viable green structure. 

+ News Source: GBE