Imagine being given an episiotomy with absolutely no explanation as to why, especially after you’ve told the doctor not to make the cut. This is exactly what recently happened to one mom, “Kelly,” who has since filed a lawsuit for assault and battery against her doctor for performing an unwanted episiotomy. Kelly describes her experience with the following:

“Dr. A came into the room and after two pushes he had scissors in his hands and told the nurse that he was going to perform as episiotomy. I said why? … I pushed two more times and he was going to cut and I said “No, Don’t Cut Me”. Then I said “why, why can’t we try?” He said why you don’t go home and try or go to Kentucky! So then after he yelled at me he cut my Vagina twelve times. So before the episiotomy the nurse said it’s only going to be a little cut. A little cut turned into Dr. A’s horrific rage against me as a human being and against my will to begin with. I wanted to cry so badly and I was so horrified while he was cutting me.”

Luckily for Kelly, her sister caught the entire ordeal on video. You can see said video here (but beware, it’s graphic). Kelly is using a crowd-funding campaign to help fund her lawsuit and Cristen Pascucci of Improving Birth, a national birth-advocacy organization, tells Yahoo Parenting, “The number one issue is it’s about consent. Very simply, she said no.” Unwanted birth interventions are nothing new, but to have caught one on tape may be just the thing needed to shed more light on this growing problem, and perhaps set a precedent which lessens the occurrence of unwanted procedures during labor and delivery. Until then, we suggest you look into having your baby at a birth center vs. a hospital and using a midwife vs. a doctor.

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