In an amazing feat of medicine and science that has uniquely united three generations, a woman who received a womb transplant from her mother recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy — so the same womb in which she grew inside her mother was used to nurture her own child. Womb transplants have only just become a viable option for women hoping to conceive but who have lost their own uterus to cancer or were born without one. This new mom is the fourth woman to deliver with a transplanted womb. This particular womb transplant, however, is the first to bridge three generations of a family.  The Swedish doctor responsible for the procedure is being applauded for what has been described as the biggest breakthrough in fertility medicine since IVF and is currently working with doctors around the world to plan more womb transplants. The new baby boy may eventually have a little sister or brother, but for right now the whole family (who has remained anonymous to maintain their privacy) is celebrating his birth and the miraculous womb that ties them together. As the new mom said, “It can’t be described how happy we are.”

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