First and foremost, Wonderlab makes everything seem fun, interesting, and kid-friendly — all attributes which are key to keeping our kiddos engaged instead of looking longingly for the gift shop. Expect to experience science and math in entirely new, yet relevant ways such as trying out several giant slides to compare how friction affects speed. One of the must-see stops is a visit to the Chemistry Bar where your child can channel her inner Hermione Granger and watch a concoction get whipped up before her eyes.

A team of trained Explainers is on hand throughout the exhibits and also to present at multiple free shows throughout the day. Targeted at different age groups, they include topics such as rockets and the laws of motion and exploring how circuits work to provide power to your home.

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Seeing and experiencing science and math make these subjects take on a life of their own while reinforcing learning in an interactive fashion. Your child isn’t likely to forget what he’s learned about plants and seasons after riding Wonderlab’s giant rotating solar system! We love that the museum is great for so many ages. While big kids will likely eat up everything there is to offer, there are light tables and puzzle areas for little kids (as well as plenty of visual stimulation).

Wonderlab has 50 different activities to take part in across seven different areas. The topics including sound, matter, space, electricity, light, and forces. That’s not even including the rest of the Science Museum’s general exhibits, so expect to spend a loooong time here or to return multiple times!

+ Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery

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