The [email protected] craze has been going strong for seven years now. [email protected] paraphernalia includes watches and clothing items; and there are various blogs, zines and online communities dedicated to all things [email protected]. The small figures, with teddy bear heads and humanoid bodies, come in various versions ranging in size from 3-inches tall (or 100%) to two-and-a-half feet tall. Handsomely sculpted, the [email protected] would make a fine addition to a very fortunate child’s environmentally-friendly toy chest, or any collector’s grouping of unboxed ‘Bricks.

The rarest versions of this coveted, collectible toy can be elusive. Finding one made of sustainable materials ([email protected] are generally molded from plastic) is as extraordinary as sighting an endangered Giant Panda in its natural habitat. So, I was surprised at my luck when I recently laid eyes on two such specimens gracing shelf space at Toy Tokyo’s Brooklyn outpost, High 5.

Crowded in by their tiny 100% cousins, the Eco Value Wood and Layered Wood [email protected] stood at approximately 24-inches tall. The pricey [email protected] retail for around $700-$750 (auction prices are higher), and proceeds benefit the Japanese organization More Trees.

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lead photo from Flickr