As consumers become increasingly aware of the ills of plastic and other synthetic materials, toys made of non-toxic materials are on the rise, especially for teething purposes. In particular, wooden toys have become a favorite of many eco-conscious moms and dads. A noteworthy company which creates thoughtful, handmade, and environmentally conscious wooden toys is Etsy merchant: Little Alouette, whose teething toys are a labor of love crafted by a husband and wife team.

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Little Alouette offers handmade teethers, rattles, blocks, and wooden animal toys. The wood used to create these toys is sourced from local maple trees of Ohio and Michigan, and each toy is finished with an organic seed oil. The toys themselves are modern, and simple in design. There is a handsome set of wooden keys, which is sure to please any tot and parent. Especially if you have lost a set of keys to the curious hands and mouth of a babe.

Little Alouette tries to use as little packaging as possible, and often uses recycled materials for packaging to minimize consumption of material goods. There is a special Wee Wood of the Month Subscription in which a lucky babe will receive one wooden toy on the 15th of the month for 3 months for only $55.00. The toys are downright gorgeous, and the prices are just as lovely.

Prices range from $5.00 (for a wee lap chalkboard) to $55.00 ( for the above mentioned Wee Wood of the Month Subscription).

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