Choosing the perfect crib for your baby can be a challenge given all of the options now available, from hammocks and co-sleepers to cribs galore. Since a newborn will be spending a large portion of his life sleeping, it’s important to find a piece of furniture that is free of toxic chemicals, comfortable, and as environmentally friendly as possible. Italian-based company, Woodly crafts beautiful hanging cradles, cribs, and Montessori floor beds from PEFC-certified wood, toxin free varnishes and glues, and natural textiles. For every piece that is purchased, Woodly will plant a tree with the child’s name which can be monitored through a personal webpage.

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Based in the hills of Parma, Woodly takes their commitment to sustainability very seriously. All of the wood they use is certified as ethically harvested, and water-based glues, beeswax, and paints keep their pieces free of dangerous fumes. Their facility uses electricity from 100 percent renewable sources and has been renovated to achieve maximum efficiency standards.

They currently offer three designs for their line of baby furniture. The Roll is s suspended cradle that allows the bed to gently swing. Four cotton ropes attached to a ring allow for easy setup, and once outgrown can be converted as storage for the child’s room. The Pluma cradle consists of a soft bed mounted on strong wooden legs. Its mattress is made from cotton and spelt husks for comfortable and chemical-free rest. The Montessori cot for older children rests on the floor and resembles a hand-crafted race car. Easy to climb in and out of, the bed is great for nap time or play.

All of Woodly’s furniture is available for order on their official website. Prices range from about $529-$732. Harkening back to the days of fine craftsmanship and quality materials, the company strives to make long-lasting and multi-purpose furnishings that can be handed down through generations instead of tossed into the landfill.

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