The eco-friendly WoodPecker Walker from Plan Toys carved a niche in my heart with its precious features, and quickly became our baby’s favorite companion. Crafted entirely of sustainable wood, this walker is as beautiful as it is functional. Two playful little woodpeckers perched at the front cheerfully peck away, making a charming clacking sound as the walker is pushed. The sound they make is lively and frolicsome, encouraging babies to ‘walk on’ down the path to a green lifestyle.

When our coveted WoodPecker Walker arrived at our door, we found that putting it together was a breeze. Its three different shades of organic rubberwood are visually stunning, and its paints and stains are non-toxic. One convenient caveat of the walker is a knob that allows one to slow down or speed up the rear wheels, hence avoiding untoward spills and allowing for appropriate mobility tailored to each tot’s walking skills.

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Most importantly, how did it rate with our little munchkin? Initially, he was intrigued by the colorful contraption. After a thoughtful inspection, he tried his first trepid steps. Within a few minutes he was squealing with joy and merrily rolling along, as the WoodPecker Walker is literally an eco-conscious party on wheels. The walker allows him to practice his ever increasing balance and motor skills; and the mirthful woodpeckers provide a clackety-clack soundtrack to his steps, adding winsome fun to his workout.

The WoodPecker Walker retails for between $72.99-$86.99 at various internet vendors including I am a Plan Toys junkie, and I have previously written about their wares. For more information on the environmental consciousness of Plan Toys, please see my Inhabitots post, Plan Toys: A Friendly Green Toy-Maker.