Recently my young son has been demonstrating a keen interest in the environment — specifically with regard to weather. For a kid like him (or older kids showing interest in meteorology), the WoodStation Clock, designed by Sebastien Wallet for Inovaxion, is the perfect room accessory. With an exterior made from compressed recycled wood (other components seem to be standard) and devoid of fussy buttons that can confuse kids, the weather station looks like a sculpted block of wood — until its motion detector is triggered…

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Once ‘awake,’ the WoodStation Clock graphically displays the day’s forecast with digital renderings of rolling clouds, zigzagging lighting bolts, dashes of rain or bright sunshine which seem to magically appear from behind the thin veneer of wood that serves as the clock’s face. Other displayed features include time and date as well as indoor humidity, indoor temperature, and indoor relative hygrometry data which predict the weather 12-24 hours in advance. The WoodStation is a great tool for kids to use for understanding weather systems and it will help parents introduce the concept of climate change.

The WoodStation would be more eco-friendly if its creators opted to use solar power in its design, but at least it conserves electricity when in ‘sleep’ mode.

+ WoodStation Clock $99.99