Vélib, a bike share service in Paris is now the first in the world to offer bike shares for kids as well as adults. Bike shares are fairly commonplace now, but thanks to the new P’tit Vélib’, adults with kids are no longer limited to having to get around town in a car or having to buy expensive bikes. The service was launched by the Mayor of Paris with the hope of educating young Parisians about the use of environmentally friendly transportation from an early age. This initiative is also the perfect way to let children learn how to bike safely in and around a city.

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The four types of P’tit Vélib’ that are available through the service, all of which are adapted to children ages 2 to 8 years-old, include varying models to accommodate each skill set. There’s the balance bike Draisienne that’s perfect for toddlers just getting used to the art of balance. There’s a 12-inch bike suitable for learning how to ride a real bike. Also available is a 16-inch bike for children ages 5-7 years and a 20-inch bike for children ages 7-8 years. Brightly colored helmets are also for rent. The bike share service is currently available in seven locations for a reasonable price. Unlike the adult bike share, which runs around the clock, the new kid-minded bike share has shorter service hours – mid-morning to 7 pm. Hopefully other cities will soon follow Paris’s lead by reaching out to kids who are ready to ride and learn about eco-friendly transportation.

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