Breastfeeding is the ideal way to nourish your baby, but occasionally it becomes impossible due to allergies, inadequate milk supply, or other difficulties. Then the problem becomes what to feed baby next: a cow’s milk-based formula (problematic for vegan families and also difficult for some babies to digest) or a soy-based formula (which is another common allergen). The creators of Israeli baby food and BPA-free bottle company HEART realized the need for a baby formula alternative when one of their grandchildren was born with digestive problems and had to resort to drinking a hydrolyzed formula with an unpleasant taste and smell. They began experimenting with almonds as a base and then added a secret veggie-based component to create a formula that meets the necessary health criteria profile for nourishing babies. The inventor/executives are currently trialling their innovative formula and hope to have the product out within a year. Until then, we’ll be wondering what exactly is in this top secret veggie formula!

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