When one thinks of toy cars for little ones, one typically conjures up images of die-cast Matchbox race cars with broad white stripes and tail fins. But in this new era of innovative product design – where the battery-packed has been redefined, it is refreshing to find renewable energy alternatives to toy cars and trucks as we know them.

Enter the World’s Smallest Solar Racing Car – certainly too small to be a flashy Formula One kiddie vehicle or even drivable for that matter, but what this Lilliputian roadster lacks in size, it totally makes up for in power – real green zip power – not to mention full-throttle cuteness!

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The World’s Smallest Solar Racing Car is a fully functional solar vehicle that is topped with a miniscule solar panel that amazingly generates enough electricity to turn run a small electric motor with four wheels attached. Measuring only 33×22×14 millimeters, it can run on solar power alone, or even on the light of a strong indoor source.

We think that it makes a great showcase for solar technology, and though it is definitely too bite-size to let small babies or toddlers play with, it serves as a fun example of future-forward design for the next generation and possibly the greener gadget geniuses in our midst.

+ World’s Smallest Solar Racing Car