We’ve seen sweet mama and baby doll sets, Waldorf inspired birthing dolls and even a breastfeeding doll that admittedly freaked some people out, but we’ve yet to see a doll like this. The VBAC Doll collection from MamAmor is a collection made to show various birth situations, from vaginal birth to c-section birth and yes, even a VBAC birth. This doll is as realistic as you can get and made with natural materials, including cotton interlock for skin and each doll’s hair has a combination of soft merino yarns. The baby doll, which is included, comes with placenta, cord, diaper and receiving blanket. Other accessories for this mama and baby doll set, such as a sling or diaper bag may be purchased separately. MamAmor makes truly beautiful dolls, although they’re a little steep in price for the average family. However, the real question is – do kids really need a VBAC education?

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Some people find this doll amusing. Others find it distasteful. I think it’s a decent idea, but not for everyone. For some kids, a VBAC doll might make sense. For example, if a child’s mama is planning a VBAC and the child will be attending. I could also see this doll being a useful midwife, doula or doctor tool in some cases. For the typical child though, I agree with Jeanne Sager over at The Stir – this doll may be simply too much information. I’m personally in favor of VBACs, but the topic is also a political, in-depth debate here in America. Giving your child a VBAC doll, thus placing him or her smack in the middle of the VBAC debate at a young age probably isn’t doing as much for your child as it is making a statement about your personal beliefs or agenda.

Also, I’ve seen many children who pretend to breastfeed a doll or who love placing their doll in a sling. I haven’t seen too many child (okay any) play pretend birth. I remember pretending to give baby care to my dolls when I was little. I watched my own mom breastfeed two little siblings all the time and carry them about, so that kind of imaginary play was natural for me. On the flip side, although my mom was open about where my siblings came from, I never pretended to give birth and I for sure didn’t think about issues like VBACs or c-sections at the age of four or five or even when I was older.  The only time birth options came into play for me was during my own pregnancy. That said, I doubt I’d buy a VBAC doll for a child, although I’d likely buy one of the other beautiful MamAmor dolls for a child, such as the bonding and baby wearing doll or even the breastfeeding doll, because these are issues kids do run into often – especially kids with little siblings.

But then, I’m just one girl with one opinion. What do you think about this doll? Does your child need a doll like this or not? Let us know in the comments.

+ VBAC Doll starting at $170

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