Baby bottle manufacturers voluntarily haven’t used bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles for years. In fact, you’re hard-pressed to find BPA laden baby bottles at all at this point. Apparently, the FDA thinks this calls for immediate action, so on Tuesday they announced that from now on BPA is officially banned in baby bottles. Seriously? Excuse us while we fail to get excited. First of all, the ban is only for baby bottles. The official ban does not cover other uses of BPA, such as BPA used in containers for baby formula, water bottles, soda bottles or in the linings of canned foods or other food packaging. CNN notes that this decision is  ”largely symbolic,” while the New York Times credits the American Chemistry Council, not the FDA for the actual ban. We’d wager that outraged parents also have a lot to do with getting BPA out of baby bottles as well. Overall, it’s hard to send hugs and love to the FDA for this decision.

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While we applaud bottle manufacturers who have quit using BPA materials to make baby products, the FDA has had zero to do with this, and frankly the ban is somewhat perplexing. Doesn’t the FDA have better things to do? Like, I don’t know, they might consider…

If I can come up with the ideas above, which frankly were just quickly off the top of my head, just imagine what an entire organization, like the FDA might accomplish if they tried. Talk about frustrating.

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